Recently on social media and all over the Internet I’ve noticed people really enjoy shaming one other. Mum shaming passive aggressively seems to be something people love to do. It’s funny how parents and non parents take part in the cruelty. It is not my place to ever judge someone’s parenting. Parenting a child is hard. It’s such a special time in a person’s life but also incredibly stressful. Being mean via social media is just appalling.

I have been guilty of lengthy amount of screen time, bribing my child with treats and just wanting to hide with my head phones on. Try carrying an 8 kilo dumbbell on your chest, cook, clean and run errands for hours. It’s not easy. This is probably why so many new mums suffer from postpartum depression. The fear of being judged by strangers and loved ones is stifling.

I just want to remind all the mums and dads who have been judged regarding your parenting your doing a great job. Shame on those parents attacking other parents out of boredom or dissatisfaction in their own lives. We should be high fiving one another and pulling each other out of feeling like we are drowning. Stop pushing our fellow parents deeper into the water. At the end of the day parenting is a lonely journey sometimes so let’s be kind to one another and make it a nicer experience overall.