As the pregnancy hormones leave my body I find myself feeling a bit down some days. This is a letter to encourage myself on the days that I don’t feel great about my postpartum body.

Dear Su,

You just had a second baby 2 months ago! Be kind to yourself. Stop comparing your body to other mothers. Focus on your own postpartum journey. Don’t even compare yourself to your previous postpartum body. Your body is different now, it has housed two children. You know you can’t do strenuous exercises yet, but you will. You are not weak you are healing from a major surgery. You will be stronger than before. Accept that your shape has changed again and even when you loose the final 5 kilos your body will not be the same as before. It will be better, stronger and have a story to tell. 

Give you old clothes to charity and see this as an excuse to go shopping to treat yourself. Keep up your light workouts and eat well to nourish your new born. Don’t cut your calories you will only overeat later. Continue to be an example to your daughter and never speak negatively about your appearance in front of her. Don’t use the scale in front of her. You are more than a number on a scale and more than a number on a dress size. Focus on health and wellbeing and your body will follow. Your worth is not in those numbers, so don’t teach your daughter to fall into the trap of scales and dress sizes. You are the best mother for your children because you are courageous, loving and kind. 

Lots of love,

The voice that speaks to you

I hope this letter encourages other women and mothers too on days that you may feel self conscious. It’s ok to have those days but just remember that you are beautiful and try to climb out of the funk.