I have been hunting for remote design work for a month now because I didn’t want to be away from my baby. Working remotely is the best option for me until Alina can join her local nursery. I recently landed myself back in the world of employment and assumed it was going to be easy. I really need to stop making assumptions. I was so wrong about it being easy. It’s definitely a juggling act that requires a lot of planning. I work from home and I know this may sound like a dream because it has lots of perks but it can get tough if I’m not organised. With a wriggly toddler who tries to chuck stuff at my MacBook and screams if I’m not talking to her it can get pretty ugly. I get some help from my parents with her but because I’m at home they assume I should be able to do both. After all to them it looks like I just press buttons on a screen all day.
So I have figured out how to make my new job work for me. I’m a graphics designer and I create all my content from scratch. I practice my craft a lot so I can keep up with the other designers. I keep a scrapbook file of graphics I like in my laptop for inspiration. Because I’m a mother there is more of a need for me to work faster because I don’t have enough time in a day. I don’t work conventional hours, I work however many hours it takes to create beautiful artwork. My primary focus is my child and I plan my work around her schedule. Alina doesn’t actually cry anymore unless she’s tired. She sleeps very well after her lunch for about two hours. During that time I usually take Skype calls and finish off urgent tasks. When she’s awake we usually just try to hang out together. She likes to think she’s doing the same thing as me so I give her the iPad and open up the drawing app. She loves it and usually can be entertained for hours. She also loves watching nursery rhymes on my phone. I think she likes the size of the phone because it fits perfectly into her little hands. The nursery rhymes are made up of about 20 songs that run for an hour. It’s very educational too and she’s learnt a lot of her English vocabulary from it.
So fellow parents I hope you are encouraged to fight for the work arrangement that suits you. I believe that unless you have a job that requires actual physical interaction with another person, a job can be done remotely. A decent computer, good broadband and a mobile phone is all most people need to get going. There are some great recruiters and websites that specialise in finding the best suited role for you. Nothing is impossible. Somedays are harder than others for me as a remote worker but it’s all worth it. I believe God gives us all enough grace to handle our given portion of life.