Does anyone else negotiate with their infant to just sleep? I have tried all my negotiation skills and bribes to get my baby to sleep. Alina fights sleep like its a plague. But the funny thing is she clearly wants to sleep because she’s crying, rubbing her eyes and stalking me more than usual. I’m pretty sure she has fomo (fear of missing out). Once she’s slept she’s much better. She’s happy to wander around the house and mind her own business instead of stalking me.
I have not slept properly in nearly two years. During my pregnancy I couldn’t sleep because I was either throwing up, super hungry or needing the toilet constantly. People who come to visit us often remind me of how knackered I look. The thick layer of concealer didn’t seem to work very well. I may have to ask for a refund.
The first time I slept through the night was in South Africa after Alina’s first birthday. It was amazing! I forgot what it was like to have uninterrupted sleep. No little human clinging onto my body or waking up every 3 hours for milk. I went from a permanent state of hungover to a fully functioning human. I even started applying my eyeliner daily! My lovely parents in-love really helped to get her into a bedtime routine. Mummys please don’t be afraid to ask for help, you’re still wonder-woman.
When we returned to London she knew she wasn’t on holiday anymore. Her grandparents weren’t there to take her away and distract her with their French songs. She started fighting sleep but we continued with her routine. The latest fight is getting her to remain in her cot all night. In the still of the night our precious baby decides she doesn’t want to sleep in a princess kitted out cot but instead she wants to sprawl herself across her dad and I. Some nights she wriggles around in our bed like a combat ninja with her eyes shut and nobody gets sleep that night.
So what do I do? I tell myself she won’t be like this forever and she will eventually grow out of it. My husband and I as a team affirm our daughter and comfort her but we try to consistently get her to stay in her bed. She has no understanding of our time yet and we have to always remind her that we will see her in the morning. So do I like this part of motherhood? Not so much, but loving and making her into a decent human is all that matters in the end.