We recently moved out of our flat and it was pretty tough. Moving in general is a stressful event but with a baby it’s even harder. Here are a few tips on how to survive a move without having a meltdown.


List all the things you want to take with you and start packing early. Packing with a baby is hard work. Little babies are like little whirlwinds of messing up everything especially when they can crawl. Alina unpacked our books and ripped up paper.
Round up friends and family to help you. This will make life easier as there will be someone to entertain your baby. Alina loves her aunties and uncles and forgets about stalking me when they are around. This allowed me to pack items.
For the move hire a professional removal company if you can afford it. I really wish we did this because a one day move took 3 days. This is because we were trying to wrap fragile things and transport it ourselves. The van we hired just wasn’t appropriate for fragile items. Removal companies are experienced in moving all items and if any damage occurs the company will compensate.
 On the moving day leave your baby with a nanny or family. The process of packing seemed to upset Alina so we took her favourite toys to my parent’s house and let her stay there as we moved our belongings.
 Pack snacks and even some sandwiches. Moving can make you super hungry and getting access to the kitchen is impossible on the moving day. My husband and I were so hungry and just found it so hard to get time to grab some food. I had some cereal bars on me but I did wish I had made some sandwiches.
Try not to stress out. I know it’s easier said than done but children can sense stress. I was feeling a little anxious about the move and that was upsetting Alina so she did cry the few days coming up to the moving day.

There you have it, my moving tips on surviving a move with a baby. It’s hard but never impossible.