We had a change of circumstances last weekend that had me really questioning whether or not I’d fallen behind in my steps towards true success. I was so convinced that being successful was determined by having a fancy house, a big car, a business or a high paying job and having a bundle of kids with my gorgeous husband. I was feeling upset because I thought I had failed after all of my efforts. I was then tempted to ask myself when did I become so shallow and rely on stuff to determine what it means to be truly successful. The guilt was just eating at me for being so bratty.

Eventually after much self talk the beautiful still voice reminded me that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and that all those things that I wanted outwardly had nothing to do with true success. True success was my inner peace being renewed daily. Wanting these things doesn’t make me shallow or bratty, just human. But it isn’t the final say on how successful I am. I may not have reached my optimum but I definitely wasn’t unsuccessful. I had my miracle baby, a thriving marriage, and unity in my family. I had so much to be thankful for and so being disheartened was irrelevant.
I just want to remind you all, that situations and circumstances may arise that are out of our control. Your overall success is not defined by it. As long as you can wake up each day and have air in your lungs you can work on it and change it for the better. I believe in a God that fills each and everyone of us with purpose and true success. Success that surpasses our understanding of the mere word. So step away from the self pity and belly aching of wondering if you are successful or when you will be successful. You honestly do have so much success already and your only getting started.