This isn’t a post to discriminate against people who are not mothers but just to highlight why giving a mum a shot in your company is beneficial. I know it’s not just mothers who have it hard. Women in general face the injustice of companies paying unfairly in comparison to their male colleagues. Not to mention the sexist and innuendo filled remarks that male staff and managers get away with.
When I was applying for jobs after getting married recruiters and HR departments would ask me my marital status. What has that got to do with my ability to work? But in there narrow minds they had come to the conclusion that my family comes first. Guess what, my family does come first and that’s why we are so valuable for the workforce. I will not sugarcoat the fact that my husband and child are my priority. The force pushing a mother to work hard in a job is her family. To be an inspiration to her family and to be a partner in bread winning.
As much as we like to think there is equal opportunity for all. The truth is this isn’t true. More and more mothers are faced with the ultimatum of leaving careers they have worked hard for. Imagine 5 years of studying, 5 years of experience and then being forced to quit or get paid an entry level pay. How ridiculous! Here are a few reasons why my fellow mummies will dazzle your company:
Mums work so hard because they have little mouths to feed so work is no longer just for them.
Mums have high pain threshold (they pushed out a human being) so they work great under-pressure.
Mums have great organisation skills (feeds, nappy changes, doctor appointments, researching nutritional food).
Mums are leaders and motivators (able to motivate their partners out those hard work ruts and prep them for the next day).
Mums are creative and can learn new skills in the job (breastfeeding is hard work).
Mums are great event co-ordinators and can arrange all elements of an event (plan birthdays, christening, naming ceremonies).
So there you have it. Next time a mum comes in for an interview. Don’t disregard her, she is a hidden gem that your company needs to thrive.