The minute we bring our baby home we all try to figure out whether we have a good baby or a bad baby. We try to determine this through, the frequency of cries, feeds, nappy changes and the length of sleeping through the night. I find it ridiculous to judge an infant’s behaviour on this basis. Don’t be so quick to label your baby, especially as a bad baby. They are just living life in their new environment getting used to the world.


Everyone who knows me knows that my baby loves to be held. I know a lot of people believe babies shouldn’t be held all the time because they won’t learn independence and will become “spoilt” so to speak. I know there are studies that emphasis that leaving a baby to “cry it out” until they can self soothe is suppose to be good for them. I just want to tell all the mums out there that it’s ok to do it your way.
My baby won’t be a baby forever. I can already see she wanders away from me when she sees other babies. I did spend the first year of her life carrying her for long periods of time. Yes it was incredibly hard and frustrating a lot of the time. But I did learn that my baby wants to be reassured that I’m here and I won’t leave her. She’s incredibly affectionate and loves to cuddle to express her love. I know that she will grow up with the understanding that I will carry her if she needs me to. She’s not spoilt, just full of love. I’m not an expert on babies but I know my Alina already. All the mums out there know their babies, so don’t feel inadequate when an uninvited advice comes your way. They only speak from their individual unique experience. Trust me mummies you do know best.