I wish someone would explain to me why people get away with dropping mean bombs on how a mum dresses. I’ve had countless people tell me “Awww your starting to dress like a mum”and “oh wow, you cut your hair like a mum” (with a negative condescending tone). What does that mean? Are you trying to be unkind? The audacity of it never seems to settle in. Just stop! Let a new mum figure herself out.

I chose to cut my hair to a manageable length so it would be easier for me to maintain without looking like a 17th century samurai on a daily basis. Like a lot of mums I had a bunch of new hair on my head that looked like a fuzzy halo, so a long bob was a perfect style for me. It looked so much healthier and allowed the new hairs to catch up in growth.
 Dressing my body post pregnancy was a serious challenge. My maternity clothes didn’t fit after giving birth and my pre pregnancy clothes definitely didn’t fit yet. So I had to find a way to dress my new body. Here’s a little post pregnancy style guide while my jiggly belly settled down.
The first three months post pregnancy you may not completely see your waist yet which is completely normal. I was pretty uncomfortable with the weight so I wore chiffon bandau maxi dresses the first month. Maxi dresses are very forgiving and drape over the belly without clinging. A good supportive bra is absolutely a must. I bought a breastfeeding friendly bra from Asos which took me right through to when I stopped breastfeeding at 12 month and 4 days. Don’t buy those ugly unsupportive flesh coloured bras mummies. I understand they are comfortable but will do nothing for your self esteem or mentality. So please burn those ugly things ;). Same goes for those ugly Bridget Jones maternity undies, just stop, please!
 When the weather started to get little cooler, swing dresses and shift dresses with opaque tights and ankle boots was my standard look. To create the illusion I was leaner with long legs I wore chunky heeled ankle boots. The chunky heel is a great way to introduce yourself back to wearing heels after giving birth. It took me a couple of month to stop walking like I was pregnant. My chunky heeled boots really helped and forced me to stand with a better posture.
As the months went by and I had more of a waist I got myself some Spanx from TKmaxx (serious bargain). I must admit I hated them very much. I felt like sausage meat in casing. I really wanted to wear my tight bodycon dresses again but being sausage meat wasn’t worth it. So I bought one skater dress and an denim a line skirt. I was still breastfeeding so a skater dress with buttons at the front was really important to me. I loved the dress so much I could dress it up or down with jewellery or a belt. My favourite jewellery is statement necklaces, the plainest top can look fancy with a loud statement necklace.


When my baby hit 8 months I could finally wear my high waisted pre pregnancy jeans again. I was so happy. High waisted styles are just so flattering and can help create the illusion of a very small waist because of the finish being so high up. As long as they fit well I believe it can suit any shape. If you don’t like jeans, high waisted tailored trousers are also very pretty. Pairing High waisted pants with a crop top is just one of my favourite looks. I love crop tops! They remind me of Indian sari blouses. A floaty crop top is very easy to wear and hide a baby under for feeds. Layering them with a vest top is also cute and easy to breastfeed with.
So there you have it, my style guide that helped me through the styling hurdle of motherhood. I hope you all enjoy it. And next time when you fancy commenting on a mums look, stop, think and only speak with kindness.