We just don’t fit into boxes as women because we wear so many titles. Mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend and that’s just the human relationship titles.

I have contemplated going back to work full time and after much self talk and prayer it has come to me that this is the perfect time to build myself a new path. When we think about the path we just think of the motion of walking but not the process of bricklaying. Sometimes bricklaying is necessary because as mothers we have too many skills that don’t fit into a single occupation. A lot of corporate jobs and small businesses are not ready or willing to bend to benefit from the sheer amazing skills and talents us mothers have to offer. We are in 2016 yet still face the same hostility and frowns when we decide to think about some sort of career. The corporate male dominated environments still don’t know what to do with females who are entitled to work managerial roles and be mothers. They will try to bully and indirectly make you feel unworthy of the position till you are suffocated out of a position. Do not give in mothers, you are so much more!


The assumption that a stay at home mother is unskilled and stupid is frankly complete turd. My own mother has been a stay at home mum for 14 years now. She is incredibly skilled at cooking, administration (whereby she can give you bank statements from 1992), negotiations, and that’s just a few things to name that she does on a daily basis. The same goes for the assumption that a working mother is selfish and needs to be guilty for not raising her own babies is also turd. Why are we still so cruel to the mothers? As someone who believes in God I believe that if it’s your heart’s desire to do it all, you can without a doubt do it because God gives us the grace to handle it. Neither party should ever feel guilty or inadequate. Sometimes you may have to lay your own bricks and build a path but it’s very possible.

So if the kids have left home or you’re ready to do something new and you want to go back to work, we live in a time where you can train to do anything and it’s so accessible through the Internet. A lot of large companies also have returnship programs to help people who have been out of work over 18 month due to becoming a parent to train up and join them. Anyone who is currently working and is a parent you have the legal right to apply for flexitime so please don’t be intimidated to do so. Your workplace may refuse but will have to explain why. Take back control, you deserve it. Lets start laying bricks.