No guys I’m not talking about the swear word. I’m talking about the c section also known as the cesarean section. My baby was delivered with an emergency c section after 27 hours of labour. This was not a choice, I didn’t cheat birthing a child or getting the ‘easy way out’. I had a birth plan and wanted to only use gas and air but the pain was so intense. I was on the epidural, diamorphine and gas and air. The team at UCL was amazing.


C sections are another one of those things other women and society feel the need to either belittle or make you feel bad for. Why are we so unkind to one another? Why is even birthing a child a competition? I don’t expect everyone to hold hands and hand out medals for c sections but just to simply be more sensitive.

Let’s deal with the facts, a c section is a major surgery that takes a healthy women 8 weeks to heal, and that is only externally. The first 2 weeks it hurts to laugh, cry, sneeze or bend. I was not allowed to pick up my own baby for the first two days (I did it anyway, she was too cute). Im not sure if it was a blessing that my belly was wobbly and big the first month because it folded so far over my c section, I couldn’t see the stitches. Maybe it might have made me sad looking at them. But my tiny cute baby did make the pain a distant memory. Once the stitches were removed and the scar healed I was allowed to apply topical scar creams. I used my usual go to scar solution, aloe vera and ate more protein. The skin needs protein to heal and lots of water to keep nourished.

Internally and externally, it can take up to 6 months to feel the new normal version of yourself. So hardcore work outs were a no no. A flat belly isn’t impossible but being kind to the body is so important and not rushing or forcing the body to perform. I did simple Pilate moves following YouTube videos and exclusively breastfed- that’s how I lost the weight. I only started running again after 8 months because the running motion didn’t bother my lower belly anymore.

So here you have it, my c section story in a nutshell. I hope I didn’t put anyone off procreating ;).