I wrote a few things down that I wanted to remember when my body decides to get pregnant again. The truth is  I don’t know why we don’t address it. The type of Bengali culture I come from everything is so hush hush I had to squeeze the details out of my mum, she still hasn’t told me much and I have four siblings. So I’ve decided to share what I had learnt and I hope it helps somebody.
The first trimester is like a beautiful calm sea and then suddenly without any warning these horrendous waves come crashing onto your body at a 1000 miles per hour. I was doing so well not aware I was pregnant and then out of nowhere, I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open and throwing up in a projectile manner like I’ve had the greatest night ever drinking my liver away but that wasn’t even the case. We used the clearblue test (I know it’s cliche but it really is good) and it showed up as 3+ weeks pregnant. How cool was that! We were in South Africa at the time and got an early scan done too where it was confirmed I was already 8 weeks pregnant! So my body was forming a cute baby that was eating my nutrients to help her grow at the rate of lightening (embryos grow so fast).
I would say it gets easier but only the second trimester is bearable to be completely honest. The second trimester I felt stronger, my appetite was back and I had a cute bump to show off in a bodycon dress. My body became use to the hormones so I started feeling happy and a new version of normal. All is right with the world until I hit 28 weeks of pregnancy.
My appetite was so strange again, I had terrible heartburn and my mouth always tasted like I was sucking on a copper coin. The only thing that I  wanted was milkshakes especially those vile strawberry milkshake from McDonald’s that are just awful but I wanted it. I’m pretty sure that’s how I weighed 60kilos in the end.
My skin was stretching daily and my belly button started to look like a CD with rings in different brown gradient tones. The best think to put on my belly was olive oil, Aloe Vera gel and Shea butter to keep my skin supple. I didn’t actually get any stretch marks until Contractions began aka the mini body earth quake. They have faded now but stretch marks are really to do with genes and eating well. All the lotions and potions in the world can’t really do much if all the women in the family are so prone to getting stretch marks. My little princess was getting so big and putting pressure on my ligaments that my cute size 3 feet swelled up because of the poor circulation and looked a bit like baby elephant feet. Flip flop and slip ons were the only things that was worn on my feet. The heat of the summer was horrible and I’m pretty sure my pregnancy body was retaining an extra 20 degrees too. My baby was born in August so maxi dresses and sundresses was the only thing I could get on without fighting to get it over the bump.
There you have it guys, my pregnancy 101. Looking back I do wish I would have laughed a little more about my discomfort, but hey now I know for next time. Happy days!!!